.DE Registrations Pass 16 Million Today

Checking the DENIC website today (Sunday) I noticed that registrations of .de domain names passed the 16 million mark today (or possibly Saturday depending on how regularly the site is updated).[Monday update] With deletes, renewals and new registrations, the number of .de domains under management has, temporarily, slipped below the magical 16 million mark. But it is likely that by the end of the day, German time, numbers will have passed 16 million again.But assuming it has been updated Sunday the 784 domains added to the total count has, at the time of writing, taken total registrations to 16,000,338.The .de ccTLD is the second largest only topped by the largely free .tk that has in excess 25.4 million. And the only other TLD with more registrations is .com that has 118.2 million domains registered.More information will undoubtedly come from DENIC in coming days.

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