.DE Passes 14 Million Registrations

DENIC logoThe German country code Top Level Domain passed the 14 million registrations mark Monday cementing its position as the world’s largest.

According to the most recent figures on the DENIC website there are 14,008,167 registered domain names with the registry cementing its position as the number one registry following the dramatic decline in .CN (China) registrations.

Registrations for .CN peaked at 14,082,553 in February 2009 according to their end-of-month figures and total 6,047,926 as of the most recent figures made available by the registry CNNIC.

The rapid decline is believed to have occurred due to changes in registration policies requiring more onerous identity requirements and the ending of heavily discounted domain names where domain names were sold for a few cents.

According to the most recent figures, the world’s largest ccTLDs, with current registrations unless stated, are:

  • .DE (Germany) – 14,008,167
  • .UK (United Kingdom) – 8,879,192
  • .CN (China) – 6,047,926 (as of 30/9/10)
  • .NL (Netherlands) – 4,167,098
  • .EU (European Union) – 3,329,471
  • .RU (Russia) – 3,093,737.

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