David Davis: Google is the last company I would trust with my personal data

Google cannot be trusted with sensitive personal data and any plan to transfer health records to the company is “naive”, David Davis writes in The Times.The former Shadow Home Secretary, who resigned from the Tory front bench to campaign on privacy issues, says that companies should not be able to make money out of holding patient records.

However, he adds: “Google is the last company I would trust with sensitive personal data belonging to me. In the words of Privacy International, Google has ‘a history of ignoring privacy concerns. Every corporate announcement has some new practice involving surveillance’.”
http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/politics/article6728408.eceAlso see:Editorial – Medical privacy: Dr Google will see you now
Essential in life, Google may soon play a part in death. Earlier this month the company added an option to its Google Health site allowing users – so far only in America – to state their final wishes. “One of the most important documents you may want to store and share in Google Health is an advance directive,” announced the Google blog. “An advance directive allows you to determine your end-of-life wishes so that your family and doctor can honor them if you get sick and are unable to communicate. The decision to sign an advance directive is an important and personal one, and Google Health now makes it a little bit easier.”

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