Data roaming charges to end in EU within two years

Data roaming charges are set to be abolished within the European Union by June 2017, it has been announced.The ban will be preceded by a 14-month interim period, in which companies can still add surcharges – but at a reduced rate.A deal, reached on Tuesday, also sets out rules requiring telecom operators to treat most internet traffic equally.But the net neutrality rules will allow firms to favour some services, such as internet TVs. see:Commission welcomes agreement to end roaming charges and to guarantee an open Internet
Huge telephone bills ruining your holiday budget, an Internet connection not delivering on its promises: these experiences will be soon old memories. Almost two years after the European Commission put forward its proposal for a telecoms single market, an agreement was found with the European Parliament and the Council. charges and open Internet: questions and answers
What is this agreement about? What does the end of roaming charges mean? Why do we need rules for net neutrality?

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