Data retention: What is metadata and how will it be defined by new Australia laws?

Finally, we know what metadata is, or perhaps more precisely, how the Government is choosing to define it as part of its controversial Data Retention Bill.If the legislation passes the Senate, it will be the first time metadata has been defined by Australian law.So what is it?Metadata is the information that identifies us via the phone calls we make and our active online lives. see:No protection for bloggers from metadata laws rules George Brandis
Attorney-General George Brandis has rejected calls to introduce a US-style procedure for journalists to challenge efforts to access their metadata, stressing “media organisations are not the target of this law”.Senator Brandis this morning also indicated individuals who partake in journalism outside their “profession” qualify for additional safeguards, potentially placing law enforcement officers in the difficult position of judging whether certain broadcasters, commentators and authors are journalists.

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