‘Dashboard’ Allows Window into ICANN Performance

ICANN released the first version of a new ‘Dashboard’ that will offer measurements of ICANN’s performance in numerous areas across the organization.”At this stage the ‘Dashboard’ has reports from Finance, IANA, and IETF request queue. We are looking for community feedback on this tool and will expand the reports available over time,” said Dr Paul Twomey, ICANN’s President and CEO.The ‘Dashboard’ is the result of a substantial effort within ICANN to define measurable results, establish repeatable processes for collecting data, and to select and install software.”This is about continuous improvement, transparency, and accountability to our community,” Dr Twomey added.Members of the public are invited to test drive the ‘Dashboard’ at icann.org/idashboard/public/.This announcement was sourced from the ICANN website at icann.org/announcements/announcement-11jan08.htm

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