Dark Blue Sea values domain portfolio at $570m

Dark Blue Sea, based in Brisbane, Australia and owner of Fabulous, have released an “investor presentation” that shows they have a portfolio of over 570,000 domain names, mostly .com domain names that they value at an average of $1,000 each. So this makes the company worth around $570 million.Dark Blue Sea expect to gain US$25 to $30 million net revenue from their sales agreement with GoDaddy which will see GoDaddy selling secondary market domain names using all their resources such as customer service and their existing customer database. GoDaddy’s best estimate of sales over the next five years is 45,000 domain names and for this GoDaddy has been granted an option over 6.5 million shares (=7%of DBS).The investor presentation also gives some interesting information about the online advertising industry and domaining. For instance, the online advertising industry has been growing at approximately 30% p.a. since the low point in 2002.The investor presentation is available at newsstore.smh.com.au/apps/previewDocument.ac?docID=GCA00827394DBS&f=pdf.

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