Dallas Buyers Club Refuses to Give Up on Australia Piracy Battle

Dallas Buyers Club (DBC) is pressing ahead with efforts to bring its piracy lawsuit business model to Australia. Despite a big setback in August which meant the company would have to post a AUS$600,000 bond before contacting 4,726 alleged infringers, DBC has now returned to court with a counter-offer targeting just 10% of that amount.Back in April the company behind the movie Dallas Buyers Club (DBC) won the right to obtain the personal details of 4,726 individuals said to have downloaded and shared the hit movie in Australia.As six Australian ISPs – iiNet, Internode, Dodo, Amnet, Adam Internet and Wideband Networks – prepared to hand over the information to DBC, Justice Nye Perram expressed concern over the conduct of the movie company in the United States.

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