Daily Wrap: New gTLD News and Meat Loaf Acts Like a Bat Out of Hell Over Cybersquatter

ICANN’s Governmental Advisory Committee has let it be known that they are open to receiving communications from gTLD applicants, reports Domain Incite. However the GAC notes briefings “will only be scheduled on a best-efforts basis and entirely at the request of GAC members.”

Two companies involved in providing services in the new gTLD arena are in dispute over their similar company names according to another Domain Incite report.

The two companies are TLD Registry Services, an offshoot of Island Networks that are the registry manager for the .GG and .JE ccTLDs, and TLD Registrar Services, which is affiliated with CentralNic.

A dispute has arisen between the four groups applying for the .RADIO TLD, according to the Radio and Internet Newsletter. The newsletter notes that one of the groups, “the European Broadcasting Union, has now reportedly joined the “Governmental Advisory Committee” (GAC) … [that] on its face, … would seem like a conflict-of-interest.” Which is what one of the .RADIO applicants believes, firing off a letter to the GAC protesting about the move.

Meanwhile, in a dispute over the domain name meatloaf.org, the man himself has gotten a little angry, suing the registrant, a tribute act based in the UK for $100,000 accusing “him of being a ‘cybersquatter’ and ‘online imposter’ over his use of the website Meatloaf.org,” reports the New Musical Express.

However the registrant, Dean Torkington told the Daily Mail he has “every intention of defending this to protect my good name and will not be bullied in this way. I really don’t see what his gripe is or legally where he is coming from, I am not guilty of cybersquatting or passing myself off as him.”