Daily Wrap: Facebook Files Cybersquatting Complaint And 3 Google TLD Applications Set To Fail

Facebook has filed a cybersquatting complaint against a reality company in the San Diego area over 30 domain names that include “facebook” including facebookbroker.com and facebookclothes.com reports Domain Name Wire.

The report notes that many of the domains were registered in 2007.

Three of Google’s applications for generic Top Level Domains are doomed to fail, reports Domain Incite and The Register.

“The applications for .and, .are and .est are affected by the rule that prohibits the delegation of three-letter country codes appearing on the ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 list,” says the Domain Incite report.

Domain Incite also reports on the Governmental Advisory Committee slamming “ICANN’s decisions to reject at least three non-Latin ccTLDs because they might pose security risks.”

The report says the GAC has “also asked ICANN to ‘urgently reconsider’ the rulings, which were made to mitigate the risk of phishing attacks and other types of domain name abuse.”

And in another Domain Incite report, ICANN staff “acknowledged that digital archery was perceived as ‘silly’, it told the board of directors that it was ‘straightforward’ and ‘unambiguous and easy to execute’.”

Last week Domain Incite also reported “HSBC, Microsoft, Yahoo and jewelry maker Richemont have told ICANN they plan to form a new GNSO stakeholder group just for single-registrant gTLD registries.”