CZ.NIC brings clarity to the domain market by introducing registrar certification

CZ.NIC logoRegistrar certification is being introduced by the registry for .CZ domain names to help give registrants greater confidence when registering domain names.

The new certification comes about after CZ.NIC observed the near tripling since 2008 of firms in the Czech Republic offering domain name registration services as well as serious pricing competition leading to what the registry views as “disorder” in the market.

The registrar certification project is aimed at providing those interested in domain names a basic overview of the level of services offered by individual registrars and at defining the ideal qualities and functions of the registration system and related services.

“Certification is voluntary, and a registrar can apply at any time. The evaluation takes into account criteria such as the possibility to register the .CZ domain, the quality of help and documentation as well as the technical functionality of the system and additional services. A registrar can earn up to five stars depending on their level. Registrars with at least one star are authorized to use the designation Registrar Certified for Retail,” explains Martin Peterka, operations director of CZ.NIC and the person responsible for the Association’s cooperation with .CZ domain registrars.

As the evaluation project is intended for registrars focused on end customers, the assessment criteria are defined according to the needs of this type of client.

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