CZ.NIC Announces Decreases in Prices for .CZ Domains

cz.nic logoCZ.NIC, the registry for .CZ domains, has announced they will decrease their annual registration fee for registering a .CZ domain as of 1 January 2010. The wholesale price for a domain registration will drop from the current CZK 190 excl. VAT to CZK 155 excl. VAT.

“After more than two years there is again a price drop in .CZ domains. In this way we stick to our medium-term strategy,” said Ondřej Filip, Executive Director of CZ.NIC association. ”The valid pricelist can be found on the CZ.NIC website as of today.”

The current wholesale price of the Czech national domain is CZK 190 excl. VAT. This rate has been valid since October 2007 when the CZ.NIC association migrated to the new registration system FRED. The latter was developed by CZ.NIC as an open-source solution and is used not only by the Czech administrator but also by national domain register administrators in Angola or Tanzania.

Europe Registry logoTo register your .CZ domain name, check out Europe Registry here.