Czech Internet Users Reject IDNs for .CZ

CZ.NIC logoWhile most ccTLDs, and even countries, are introducing internationalised domain names, the Czech public has said thanks but no thanks in a consultation held by CZ.NIC.

This latest consultation was the fourth time in a row that the Czech internet public rejected the introduction of diacritics in the .CZ ccTLD according to research carried out by Markent for the CZ.NIC association, the registry for .CZ.

The number of organizations opposed to the use of diacritics was up 6 per cent compared to the previous survey taken in 2008, while for ordinary internet users it was down 4 per cent. The survey results are an important factor for the CZ.NIC association in terms of accepting or refusing IDN in domains with the .CZ suffix.

“The repeated refusal of IDN was not a surprise. The last three surveys had very similar results and there have been no signs over the last two years pointing towards a change in this trend. Quite the opposite – in the long term, the negative attitude of the Czech Internet public toward IDN is growing,” said Ondřej Filip, Executive Director of the CZ.NIC association.

Among the most frequent mentioned reasons for rejecting IDNs was the unwillingness to get used to the change and more complicated access for foreign visitors.

However the survey indicates that those less familiar with languages such as English are more likely to support IDNs being introduced to .CZ. The survey found that a typical supporter of IDNs among individual users is a woman over 50 years of age who lives in a municipality with fewer than 10,000 inhabitants and who uses the internet occasionally. As for organisations, the typical entity is a non-profit organisation or an entity active in the public administration, education, or health sectors.

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