CZ.NIC New IPv6 Publication Available

cz.nic logoCZ.NIC Association, administrator of the top level domain .CZ, has placed the second updated edition of Pavel Satrapa’s book IPv6 on its website at The publication originated in a unique way – all those interested in the problems related to this upcoming Internet protocol could, by expressing their comments on individual sections of the book, contribute to its final contents.

The book is available for free download at the above mentioned address; however, a printed version of the book may also be ordered. Those connected through IPv4 will be charged CZK 299, while those using IPv6 will be provided with a CZK 50 discount.

The first version of the book was published as early as 2002 and it received warm welcome from experts.However, the issues related to IPv6 have been extended by a great deal of novelties during the last six years and, thus, the new edition is by about 150 pages longer.The publication will provide the readers with new information on the properties of the basic protocol and on its supporting and associated elements as well as on the possibilities of implementation of selected platforms. It also provides a great deal of advice concerning practical use.

“The chapter dealing with the group addressed datagrams and the second, practical part of the book became most popular. It was mainly in this respect in which on-line cooperation with expert public was very useful for the production of the book. Colleagues’ comments helped me to complete or improve the sections of the book which dealt with the deployment of IPv6 in Linux and Windows,” said Pavel Satrapa.

Starting from today, those interested may freely download the electronic version of Pavel Satrapa’s book from the website. However, they may also order the printed version can also be ordered. Its price is CZK 299 for those connected through IPv4; while for those using IPv6, the book is only CZK 249. Shipping and VAT are included in both pricing options. The publication will be delivered directly to the customer’s address by post.

“The publication of the book is especially crucial for CZ.NIC for two reasons: Firstly, it deals with one of the hot topics concerning the future development of the Internet and, secondly, it is the very first publication of the Association. We definitely want to carry on this activity and to do so in cooperation with other recognized Czech experts in the academic as well as commercial sectors,” said Ondřej Filip, CZ.NIC CEO, and further commented: “IPv6 protocol represents a part of our strategy and that is why we decided to make it advantageous for those who use this protocol.”

About the Author
Pavel Satrapa gives lectures on computer networks and other IT-related subjects at the Technical University in Liberec. He has written ten specialist books and over 150 articles in printed as well as electronic magazines. He has dealt with the IPv6 protocol since the mid-1990s; he was the leader of a work group with the CESNET Association which, for the first time in the Czech Republic, deployed the IPv6 protocol in the backbone network.

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