CZ.NIC established its own research and development centre dedicated to Internet technologies

cz.nic logo[news release] The goal of the project CZ.NIC Labs is to identify potential problems related to Internet stability, to propose solutions, to develop proprietary tools for development of the Internet infrastructure, and to cooperate on an international level with other entities responsible for the operation and administration of fundamental Internet systems. The CZ.NIC association, administrator of the .CZ domain, is behind the project of the centre.

CZ.NIC Labs employees will primarily work on research and development of the Domain Name System (DNS) and the DNSSEC security technology. Additionally, they will also devote their attention to the implementation of the IPv6 network protocol, which solves the problem of scarcity of free IP addresses, which are necessary for an Internet connection, to main routing protocols, which control the flows on the Internet, and technologies protecting users against unsolicited mail, which should facilitate identification of such mail.

“The main projects we are working on currently are related to the DNSSEC security technology. The issues involve acceleration of processes associated with signing DNS records. Furthermore, we are trying to develop a tool verifying the compatibility of domestic networks with the DNSSEC technology,” elaborates Ondřej Surý, Director of CZ.NIC Labs. “These projects are supposed to help DNSSEC users and make it easier for them to manage, administer and use signed domains.“

The activities of CZ.NIC Labs have an international dimension: The new centre cooperates, among others, with IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force), IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) and DNS OARC (DNS Operations, Analysis, and Research Center). The main purpose of cooperation is testing of new tools aimed at developing the Internet in differing environments of various national domain registers.

“As of now, CZ.NIC Labs have five employees. The director of the new department is Ondřej Surý, the former CZ.NIC Technical Director. His former position was filled by Jaromír Talíř, who used to lead our Development Team. Jaromír will now be responsible not only for the programmer team, but also for the administrator team,” adds Ondřej Filip, Executive Director of CZ.NIC association.

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