Cybersquatters target Kevin07

Down here in paradise (aka Australia) there’s an election looming and the web is becoming an important part of political campaigning, although not to the same extent as in the USA. So yesterday the Australian Labor Party launched the website While they registered the .com and names, they didn’t register a range of variants. So guess who has got in on the act. Ahhh, cybersquatters, man’s best friend! Not!And how does one cybersquatter justify his actions? Well, in Fairfax news outlets, one is quoted as saying “If you are a professional you should cover all these things.” And he’s not even a supporter of the ALP leader! Oh well, I guess I should be prepared for the Rapture, asteroids and meteorites hitting earth in the next 24 hours and all other calamities! Oh, and dozens of gorgeous women knocking on my door. After all, as a professional I need to cover all bases!For the Fairfax reporting on this, see The Age, Sydney Morning Herald or Stuff.

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