Cybersquatters Plague London's Mayoral Race

Ken Livingstone imageThe campaign for London’s mayor is an attractive proposition for cybersquatters according to an article in The Guardian. Boris Johnson has been more proactive at protecting his online image than his main rival Ken Livingstone, while Brian Paddick, the third candidate in the race has also been a target.
An analysis of the domain names registered has found cybersquatters have been registering more negative names about the current mayor Ken Livingstone than his main rival Boris Johnson.
There is the websites for, “a domain name that unsuspecting web browsers could easily assume was official, in fact houses a picture of the mayor in a cowboy hat with the line ‘Do you really want to pay for Ken Livingstone and his cronies?'”.
The domain names “ and have been secured by domain name speculators looking to make money from election traffic. Livingstone’s official website is”
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