Cybersquatters jump on iPhone UK bandwagon

Cybersquatters, predicatbly, have beaten Apple again to key domain names relating to the iPhone prior to its launch in the UK. And even prior to the announcement. According to a report in, cybersquatters have been busily registering domain names relating to the iPhone and the telco.

The report notes one cybersquatter has been particularly busy in recent months, registering domains such as, and Other examples of domain names to be registered include,,, and

Jonathan Robinson, Chief Operating Officer of NetNames, is quoted as saying, “The iPhone launch is one of the biggest product launches of 2007 and has been just as eagerly anticipated by cybersquatters as it has by consumers.

“Cybersquatters have spent a great deal of time over the past few months securing as many iPhone and operator domain name combinations as possible based on speculation about the launch.”

He added, “Online reputation is of the utmost importance to major international technology brands, yet many still overlook the threat from cybersquatters, leaving their online reputations open to an untold amount of damage.”

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