Cybersquatters Get Choice Domain Names in UK Pizza Hut Rebrand

Cybersquatters have been quick off the mark following Pizza Hut rebranding itself as Pasta Hut this week, beating the fast food chain to a number of prize domain names including, and Pasta Hut spokeswoman said the company had no interest in any of the web addresses that had already been bought reports “We own and There is no reason why we would want any of the others,” she said.The company does not even own While the company seems to have no interest in these names, it is likely the company has done itself a disservice.Jonathan Robinson, chief operating officer for NetNames, told the company was making a mistake.”The UK subsidiary of Pizza Hut will have spent much time and money planning for this rebrand, but they have failed to register some of the key domain names relating to their online brand,” he said.”This once again underlines the need for organisations to manage their online brand effectively, and proactively register relevant domains well ahead of a major launch or rebrand.”More media coverage is available from and

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