Cybersquatters exploit Madeleine campaign

Following the disappearance of the British girl Madeleine McCann in Portugal, there has been unprecedented media interest in such case. And with such interest, typosquatters have been active as is usual when any event – good or bad – hits the headlines.The Times notes that last Friday there were more than 20 websites created since Madeleine’s disappearance promoting businesses including chat rooms, estate agents and dating sites. The Times quotes Emily Taylor from Nominet saying if a website had been registered with a view to taking advantage of another site’s popularity, then the internet service provider hosting it could take it down for breach of an “acceptable use policy”.A technology lawyer with Pinsent Masons is said “Each of these bogus websites will generate a small amount of revenue. It is selfish and mean-spirited but there is nothing illegal about it and it would be very diffiult to stop.”

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