Cybersquatter Exploits Amy Winehouse Death And Father’s Foundation Plans

A cybersquatter has registered a domain name for a charity Amy Winehouse’s father intended to set up in memory of his late daughter.Mitch Winehouse is planning to set up a foundation to help young people suffering from drug abuse, a problem his daughter had, and has already received donations from the public.However Martin McCann bought the domain name, hours after Mr Winehouse revealed his plans The Sun reports, and two weeks after Ms Winehouse died on 23 July.McCann also paid £160 to register the Amy Winehouse Foundation Ltd with Companies House on 2 August, The Sun further reported, despite having never met her or Mitch.”I’m not exploiting anything yet,” McCann told The Sun. “I’ve just bought some domain names. Anybody could have. It only takes the click of a mouse. I’m not ashamed or embarrassed. Detach yourself from emotions and think business.””He is making every effort to hijack this charity to satiate his own needs for the charity. She’s not the only Amy Winehouse in the world.”McCann said he was approached by his internet service provider and asked to hand over the domain name. He added that he wants to “come to an arrangement” with Mitch – but only if he apologises for insulting him on Twitter.McCann, of Uxbridge, West London, said: “I’m not the d***head. The d***head is sitting over there without the name in his possession.”