Cyberspies Target China Experts

Chinese cyberspies, who targeted the personal Gmail accounts of top U.S. officials, are trying to gain access to computers belonging to China specialists and defense contractors who circulate in and out of government and talk regularly with those in power, according to security experts who have tracked these schemes.The stealth infiltration campaign, similar in tactics to the Gmail scheme that Google Inc. disclosed last week, represents cyberspies’ efforts to circumvent the high security walls on official government email accounts. see:Phishing hacks e-mail users, not e-mail services by Rob Pegoraro
I’ve seen one too many “Gmail hacked” headlines this morning. Yes, Chinese hackers were able to access “hundreds of Gmail accounts, including some belonging to senior U.S. government officials and military personnel,” as the Post’s story puts it (without using the phrase “Gmail hack”).But those con artists in China did not break into these accounts by exploiting a vulnerability in Google’s systems, the basic definition of a “hack.” They exploited one in the minds of those Gmail users-by fooling them into entering their passwords on a fake Gmail login page.

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