Cybersecurity Firm Says Chinese Hackers Keep Attacking U.S. Companies

It was heralded as the first concrete step taken by the United States and China on the thorny issue of online espionage.With President Xi Jinping of China beside him at a news conference in the White House Rose Garden last month, President Obama said the two had come to an agreement that China and the United States would refrain from attacks aimed at pilfering company intellectual property or trade secrets for commercial advantage. see:China tried to hack U.S. firms even after cyber pact: CrowdStrike
Hackers associated with the Chinese government have tried to penetrate at least seven U.S. companies in the three weeks since Washington and Beijing agreed not to spy on each other for commercial reasons, according to a prominent U.S. security firm.CrowdStrike Inc said software it placed at five U.S. technology and two pharmaceutical companies had detected and rebuffed the attacks, which began on Sept. 26.

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