Cyberscams exploit consumers’ financial unease

The rippling financial crisis has sent consumers scurrying to the Internet for answers and advice. Online fraudsters are right behind, devising ways to steal personal information.Cybercrooks are creating fake websites, spam, phishing attacks and malicious software code to take advantage of anxiety during the economic calamity. Like other extraordinary news events, the crisis has heightened fears and made people desperate for information, say computer-security experts. turmoil fuels phishing boom
Hi-tech fraudsters are taking advantage of the global financial turmoil, say governments and security experts.The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued a warning saying phishing gangs were using the turmoil to extract valuable information from consumers.A UK parliamentary group said it expected a move away from ID theft towards attacks on account holders.The news comes as a UK banking group reveals that phishing attacks were up more than 180% in a year.

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