Cyber Storm III: U.S. mounting first test of cyber-blitz response plan

The United States is launching its first test of a new plan for responding to an enemy cyber-blitz, including any attack aimed at vital services such as power, water and banks.Thousands of cyber-security personnel from across the government and industry are to take part in the Department of Homeland Security’s Cyber Storm III, a three- to four-day drill starting Tuesday. see:Global cyber security games kick off [AAP]
War games of a different kind will start on Wednesday with Cyber Storm III, designed to test computer security, getting underway.Australia will join the United States, New Zealand, Britain and Canada in the games which bring government together with critical infrastructure providers such as energy giants, food providers and the banking sector.‘Cyber Storm III’ tests US preparedness for cyber attack [AFP]
Keyboard warriors from the United States and a dozen other nations were battling a simulated cyber attack Tuesday on government and private networks that undermines basic trust in the Internet.”Cyber Storm III,” which simulates a “large-scale cyberattack on critical infrastructure,” involves thousands of participants at computer work stations across the globe and is one of the largest such exercises ever conducted. Cybersecurity Exercise To Attack Content, Identities
The Department of Homeland Security kicked off its third large-scale cybersecurity drill on Tuesday to test government’s and industry’s ability to respond to hackers hijacking Web content and stealing personal identities with the goal of grabbing sensitive information and crippling federal and commercial operations, reported.The primary goal of Cyber Storm III, which will run through Friday, is to test procedures the Obama administration outlined for how agencies and companies should work together during cyber attacks. The White House established the roles and responsibilities for public and private sector managers in its classified National Cyber Incident Response Plan. seeks volunteers to beef up cyberdefense
The government has launched a new IT security initiative to drive coordinated efforts in cyberdefense and more effectively deal with cyberthreats at a national level.Speaking at the Governmentware 2010 Conference and Exhibition here Tuesday, the country’s Senior Minister of State for Law and Home Affairs, Ho Peng Kee, said the new Professional Cyber Defender Programme (PCDP) will enlist the help of individual IT professionals who are keen in “defending” the nation’s cyber wellbeing. takes centre stage in Israel’s war strategy
Cyber warfare has quietly grown into a central pillar of Israel’s strategic planning, with a new military intelligence unit set up to incorporate high-tech hacking tactics, Israeli security sources said on Tuesday.Israel’s pursuit of options for sabotaging the core computers of foes like Iran, along with mechanisms to protect its own sensitive systems, were unveiled last year by the military intelligence chief, Major-General Amos Yadlin.

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