Cyber attacks on Australian businesses on the rise but experts not blaming state actors

It used to be a business needed a lock on its door and a CCTV camera to protect against criminals, now experts say they need to invest in security they cannot see.

The humble keyboard has been used to wreak havoc on a handful of organisations recently and cyber experts are warning the number of victims will continue to rise.

BlueScope and MyBudget are the latest to confirm they have been subjected to a cyber attack, following Toll Group and Services New South Wales being hit.

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BlueScope Steel hit by cyber attack causing worldwide system shutdown of operations
BlueScope Steel has been the subject of a cyber attack, forcing production systems to be halted company-wide.

The ransomware infection was discovered yesterday morning in one of the company’s United States-based businesses.

BlueScope’s chief financial officer Tania Archibald said the company had reverted to manual operations where possible, but some processes such as steel despatches were continuing as normal.

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Lights stay on despite cyber-attack on UK’s electricity system
Britain’s energy system has fallen victim to a cyber-attack targeting the IT infrastructure used to run the electricity market.

The electricity system’s administrator, Elexon, confirmed that it was affected by a cyber-attack on Thursday afternoon but that the key systems used to govern the electricity market were not affected.

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