Cuba’s cyberwar intensifies [AFP]

[AFP] Cuban bloggers are fighting a cyberwar with the government to give their own version of reality on the communist island, from hotels and using memory sticks and laptops obtained from abroad.Bloggers with “alternative” agendas say it is becoming harder to evade official censorship, although they have managed to multiply in the past three years in a country where Internet access is limited. see:Anyone can browse the Internet… unless they are Cuban
On the anniversary of the Republic of Cuba’s creation on 20 May 1902, Reporters Without Borders calls for continued diplomatic efforts that could help improve access to news and information on the island. When Raúl Castro was installed as president on 24 February 2008, he said he wanted to do away with “the excess of prohibitions and regulations” but Cubans are still denied the Internet access enjoyed by foreign visitors and 24 journalists are still in prison.”Raúl Castro’s first actions as president raised hopes of more freedom, but the reforms have fallen far short of initial expectations and the population continues to be the victim of oppression,” Reporters Without Borders said. “We call for the repeal of regulations that discriminate against Cubans and the continuation of diplomatic efforts likely to change the situation.”

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