Cubans allowed to buy mobile phones

Cubans have been mobbing mobile phone shops in Havana now that they are able to openly buy the devices for the first time. line up to buy cellular phones for first time [Reuters]
Hundreds of Cubans lined up at state-owned telephone offices on Monday as the new government under President Raul Castro began selling cellular phone service to the general public for the first time.Thousands were expected to take advantage of the opportunity in the coming days, even though opening the service and buying the cheapest mobile phone was priced at the equivalent of more than nine months of state wages. Line Up for Cell Phone Service [AP]
Lines stretched for blocks outside phone centers Monday as the government allowed ordinary Cubans to sign up for cellular phone service for the first time.The contracts cost about US$120 (euro76) to activate — half a year’s wages on the average state salary. And that doesn’t include a phone or credit to make and receive calls.But most Cubans have at least some access to dollars or euros thanks to jobs in tourism or with foreign firms, or money sent by relatives abroad. Lines formed before the stores opened, and waits grew to more than an hour.,1,7569317.story

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