Crypto Keywords Dominated Verisign’s Trending Keywords One Month, Disappear the Next

New medical-related technologies appear to have had the biggest impact on Verisign’s top 10 trending keywords in English for their .com and .net top level domains in the month of January.

The keywords, which can appear anywhere in the .com and .net domain names, appear to have some relation to medical technology with “cell”, “dispensary”, “stem” and nano appearing for .com while “therapy” appeared in the .net list, although this could relate to “marijuana” which also appeared in the top 10.

Verisign note they have shown in the past that there is a correlation between domain name registrations and newsworthy and popular events, as well as anticipated trends.

The top 10 trending keywords registered in January 2018 were:



near association
cell  therapy
 dispensary career
 stem plans
 claim  marijuana
centers  account
 hole away
residential bang
 nano  being
 cane  hop