Crackdown on .RU Registrations to Counter Scammers and Fraudsters

RU Center logoIn a change in policies to crack down on scammers and fraudsters, the .RU the Coordination Center, the registry for .RU domain names, has modified its registration policies as of 1 April 2010.

As of April 1, all .RU registrants will be required to verify their identity through the following means:

  • Companies and organisations will be required to provide a certificate that shows government registrations
  • Individuals and entrepreneurs will be required to provide a copy of their passport.

The changes are intended to ensure .RU registration practises meet best practise. However it is meant to make life more difficult for the scammers and fraudsters who have been giving the .RU ccTLD a bad name. And it is hoped the changes will boost confidence in internet users so they will feel safer when visiting a .RU website.

Due to lax registration procedures where it has been relatively easy to conceal one’s identity, .RU is viewed by many as a haven for cybercrime.

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