.CR Offers Discounted New Registrations in September

NIC_CR_September_2017_discountNIC Costa Rica is offering discounts on one-year new registrations for second level .cr domain names in the first week of September.

The discount sees second level .cr domain names being available on Monday 4 September for US$1, with the registration fee rising by $1 each day to Friday 8 September when the registration fee will be $5.

The registrations fees are for one year registrations only and does not apply to registrations for 2 to 5 years, premium domains of 1, 2 and 3 characters, third level registrations such as .co.cr, renewals, transfers and  WHOIS privacy.

Once this promotion is complete, the cost of registering a second level .cr domain name will revert to the standard fee of US$70.00. And normal eligibility for .cr domain names will apply.

For more information and the official announcement, in Spanish only, see: