Court holds Belgian ISP responsible for file-sharing

A court has ruled that the Belgian ISP Scarlet Extended is responsible for blocking illegal file-sharing on its network, setting a precedent that could affect other ISPs in Europe, according to a recording industry group. One legal expert doubted that claim, however. see:
Belgium judge orders ISP to clean up network
A Belgian legal victory by authors and composers means that the country’s third-largest ISP has six months to clean up its networks of copyright infringing material distributed by P2P. The long-running case was brought by the Belgian Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers (SABAM) against ISP Scarlet, formerly Tiscali and the third largest operator in Belgium. ISP told to block file-sharing in landmark case
An internet service provider in Belgium must screen traffic for music piracy, a court has ruled in a decision which overturns conventional thinking on how two major European directives relate to one another. Provider muss Inhalte filtern
Nach einem Urteil eines belgischen Gerichts muss der Internet-Anbieter Scarlet Extended [früher Tiscali] künftig urheberrechtlich geschützte, nicht lizenzierte Inhalte in seinem Netzwerk filtern und blockieren. Die Tonträgerindustrie reagiert erfreut. Heimische Provider glauben nicht, dass das Urteil hält.

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