Council of Europe, ISPs Draft Anti-Cybercrime Guide

[IDG] A set of guidelines to help European ISPs and law enforcement cooperate on cybercrime investigations is almost done.A set of guidelines to help European ISPs and law enforcement agencies cooperate on cybercrime investigations are close to being complete.The guidelines are aimed at satisfying law enforcement’s need to quickly obtain data needed for investigations while also not unduly burdening ISPs (Internet service providers) or threatening subscribers’ right to privacy, said Alexander Seger, head of the economic crime division for the Council of Europe.,144011-c,cybercrime/article.htmlEU Debates Cybercrime Law Enforcement [AP]
Two groups working separately to boost Europe’s defenses against online crime will present proposals this week, almost a year after most of the nation of Estonia’s links to the Internet were disrupted for days or weeks.At a two-day conference starting Tuesday in Strasbourg, France, the Council of Europe will to review implementation of the international Convention on Cybercrime and discuss ways to improve international cooperation.

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