Could Yahoo! Ads Be On Their Way Back?

SearchIgnite logoIf the results of a study by SearchIgnite, a search advertising technology firm, prove representative of the broader search market, something unusual happened in search ads in the first quarter: Google lost share to Yahoo in the United States reports the New York Times.

“The report shows that spending by search advertisers on Yahoo grew a robust 57 percent while spending on Google grew only at about half that rate. That meant Google’s total share of search ad dollars declined slightly to 70.4 percent, while Yahoo’s rose to 24.2 percent. Microsoft’s declined slightly to 5.4 percent.”
“It was unusual and unexpected,” Roger Barnette, president of SearchIgnite told The Times.

The study was released on Tuesday and is sure to be closely read and analysed. And it is only one report and there will be other reports.

To read the New York Times article, see

There is also a Reuters report in ZDNet here that compares the SearchIgnite report and a Citigroup analysis of a recent comScore report. This report “showed Google gaining share against Yahoo in the overall web-search market in March, but gave no insight into how Google is doing converting web searchers into ad viewers.”

Google is set to report quarterly results on Thursday.