Could the internet be Africa’s saviour? by Andrew Keen

… We-Think [is] likely to be the most controversial book about the internet to be published in Britain this year. … The internet will revolutionise innovation, Charles Leadbeater argues in We-Think. Collaborative websites will transform innovation from a selfish, individual preoccupation in to the socially responsible activity of the community. The internet will prioritise public interest over individual interest. The old Cartesian principle of “I think therefore I am” will be replaced by the communitarian credo of “We-Think therefore we are”. The consequences of this technological revolution on the future of capitalism, private property, the law and politics will be epochal, Leadbeater promises us.We-Think is inspiring in its analysis of the impact of the internet on the less developed world. Leadbeater suggests that the collaborative internet will foster democracy, economic equality and social justice in Africa. For this insight alone, We-Think is thoughtful. I urge you to read it.

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