Could A Small Town in Romania bring Australia to its Cyber-knees? Not if They Accede to the EU Convention on Cybercrime by Angela Adrian

Abstract: On 30 April 2010, Attorney-General, Robert McClelland, and Minister for Foreign Affairs, Stephen Smith, announced Australia’s intention to accede to the Council of Europe Convention on Cybercrime. (Media Release, 2010) The Convention is the only binding international treaty on cybercrime. It serves as both a guide for nations developing comprehensive national legislation on cybercrime and as a framework for international co-operation between signatory countries. Cybercrime poses a significant challenge for our law enforcement and criminal justice system.The Internet makes it easy for criminals to operate from abroad, especially from those countries where regulations and enforcement arrangements are weak. It is critical that laws designed to combat cybercrime are harmonised, or at least compatible to allow for cooperation internationally. This paper explores what could happen if Hackerville set its sights on Australia.

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