Corrupt Chinese officials can’t hide – even online

They hunt, they shoot, they torture, they kill. Their target: corrupt officials.Welcome to Incorruptible Fighter, the latest online computer game craze to sweep through cyberspace in China.The game was created last month by a group of civil servants as a lighthearted counterpoint to constant accusations of endemic corruption.Designed to host 500 players at any one time, it attracted more than 100,000 trigger-happy gamers, apparently keen to take revenge on imaginary Communist Party officials – and their bikini-clad mistresses – who have enriched themselves at the taxpayer’s expense. see:
Ads pulled from BNP on Facebook
Vodafone and First Direct bank have withdrawn adverts from the networking website Facebook after they appeared near British National Party content. get to ‘execute’ corrupt officials
China’s Communist Party launches a new game in which players can torture and kill corrupt officials.

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