Corporate Statement in Regards to December 2007 Sedo Premium Name Online Auction

dotMobi logoOver the past couple of weeks, we have reviewed the Sedo auction which closed on December and spokenSedo logo with many members of the dotMobi community – developers, brands, and domainers. Sedo’s systems problems at the end of the auction created confusion for everyone (including dotMobi) and the result was unsatisfying for us and community participants. The question is, “What is the fair and right course of action for the good of the whole community and everyone collectively involved?”

Permitting the auction to stand, whichever ending time was validated, would invariably disadvantage some auction participants. Therefore, we are supporting the rights of everyone involved by exercising our own rights to void the auction results of December, and plan to conduct a new auction beginning January 23, 2008.

In the meanwhile, we continue to examine Sedo’s preparedness to handle the historically high level of bidding the recent dotMobi auctions have drawn. Sedo has had a solid track record for its auction operations in the past, and they have assured us that they are dealing with each of the systems and process issues that have been found to date. We continue to hold Sedo and its commitment to the community in high regard, but we will always be diligent in protecting our partners and friends in the community from problems of this sort.

We believe that our actions now are the best, most fair course of action for the dotMobi community as a whole, and we will continue to protect your interests in everything we do.

– Trey Harvin, CEO, dotMobi