Consumer Advocates Urge U.S. and Europe To Reject Privacy Self Regulation

Consumer advocates are calling on European and U.S. regulators to reject the online advertising industry’s new self-regulatory program, saying the effort does not protect privacy well enough.The online advertising industry’s self-regulatory program “fails to effectively address contemporary digital data collection practices used to profile an online user”, the Trans Atlantic Consumer Dialogue said in a letter sent Thursday to the Federal Trade Commission and the European Union’s privacy working group. see:Facebook Agrees to Voluntary Privacy Code
German data protection advocates often take aim at Facebook, most recently in the state of Schleswig-Holstein, which aims to ban the site’s “Like” button. But tensions may be easing. On Thursday, the country’s interior minister managed to coax Facebook into sharing in the creation of a voluntary privacy code.Facebook’s European public policy director Richard Allan has been on a veritable German tour this week, stopping on Wednesday in Kiel and Thursday in Berlin. The first stop was to face a Schleswig-Holstein state parliamentary committee, where he told lawmakers that state data protection commissioner Thilo Weichert’s recent accusations against Facebook were exaggerated.,1518,785190,00.html

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