Consultation Now Open – Contact Data Collection and Publication in .UK WHOIS

Nominet dotUK logoNominet is consulting on a proposed policy to clarify what data about domain-holders is published in the .UK WHOIS and, regardless of what’s published, ensure we have the accurate data essential for running .UK.

Our objective is to balance playing our part in running a safe and trusted internet with an increasing desire for privacy online.

We’re seeking feedback on two aspects:

  1. Our .UK WHOIS opt-out service: We’re proposing to clarify who’s eligible to opt-out of having an address published in the .UK WHOIS.
  2. Registrars’ privacy services: We’re proposing a framework that ensures registrars offering privacy services to domain-holders still provide Nominet with accurate contact data.

The consultation opens today and will run until 3 June 2015.

How to participate

We welcome feedback from all stakeholders. Please visit for more information about the proposals, and to submit responses.

We will be holding webinars on the 16th and 22nd of April and a roundtable meeting in London on the 30th of April. To register your participation please visit the link above.

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A blog posting by Eleanor Bradley explaining why Nominet is consulting on its Whois data contact policy is available from:’re-consulting-our-whois-contact-data-policy-eleanor-bradley