Concerns Arise on U.S. Effort to Allow Internet ‘Wiretaps’

Surveillance can be a tricky affair in the Internet age.A federal law called the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act allows law enforcement officials to tap a traditional phone, as long as they get approval from a judge. But if communication is through voice over Internet Protocol technology — Skype, for instance — it’s not as simple.That conversation doesn’t pass through a central hub controlled by the service provider. It is encrypted — to varying degrees of protection — as it travels through the Internet, from the caller’s end to the recipient’s. see:Eric Holder: Government should get warrants to search e-mail
U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder supports privacy changes that would require the government to seek a warrant based on probable cause to obtain cloud-stored e-mail, and other documents and files stored in the cloud.”But the more general notion of having a warrant to obtain the content of communications from a service provider is something that we support,” Holder added, noting that citizen privacy and the government’s ability to access such data is “one of the most important conversations” to be had in this day and age.

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