Computer Users Overeager to Click Popup ‘OKs’

[IDG] Web surfers have a standard reaction to error messages that pop up in their Web browsers, according to new research published this week: They click “OK” and hope it will disappear.Psychologists at North Carolina State University found that computer users have a hard time distinguishing between fake Windows warning messages and the real thing. In an experiment that tested the responses of 42 Web-browsing university students, they found that almost two-thirds of them — 63 percent — would click “OK” whenever they saw a popup warning, whether it was fake or not. fail to spot fake pop-ups
Internet users are unable to distinguish between genuine pop-up warnings messages and false ones, a study at North Carolina State University has found.The study examined the responses of undergraduates to messages which popped up while they did other tasks on a PC.Seeing the pop-ups as a mere annoyance the majority clicked ‘OK’.

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