Computer Systems Used by Clinton Campaign Are Said to Be Hacked, Apparently by Russians

Computer systems used by Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign were hacked in an attack that appears to have come from Russia’s intelligence services, a federal law enforcement official said on Friday.The apparent breach, coming after the disclosure last month that the Democratic National Committee’s computer system had been compromised, escalates an international episode in which Clinton campaign officials have suggested that Russia might be trying to sway the outcome of the election. see:Clinton campaign says data program accessed in cyber-attack on Democrats
A data program used by the campaign of the Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, was “accessed” as a part of hack on the Democratic National Committee (DNC) that intelligence officials believe was carried out by Russia’s intelligence services, Clinton’s campaign said on Friday.The news came as a new Reuters-Ipsos poll, released after Clinton’s acceptance of the Democratic nomination for president at the party’s convention in Philadelphia, put her six points ahead of her Republican rival, Donald Trump.

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