Computer hacker Gary McKinnon loses fight to stand trial in UK; now suicidal

Computer hacker Gary McKinnon lost his long battle to stand trial in the UK today when he was refused permission to appeal to the supreme court against extradition to the US on charges of breaking into the Pentagon’s military networks.The court decided the case did not raise “points of law of general public importance”, which are neccessary if a case is to be pursued at the higher level. seE:Hacker refused extradition appeal
Computer hacker Gary McKinnon has been refused permission to appeal to the UK Supreme Court against his extradition to the US.The High Court ruled the case was not of “general public importance” to go to the UK’s highest court.Glasgow-born Mr McKinnon, 43, of Wood Green, London, is accused of breaking into the US’s military computer system.Mr Mickinnon, who has Asperger’s syndrome, insists he was just seeking evidence of UFOs. Gary McKinnon ‘suicidal’ after losing right to appeal against extradition
The computer hacker Gary McKinnon will make a last plea to Alan Johnson, the Home Secretary, against being extradited to the United States after his appeal to go to the Supreme Court was rejected.Lawyers for Mr McKinnon, who has Asperger’s syndrome, said that they will submit a fresh psychiatric report showing his “extremely fragile mental state”, after two High Court judges yesterday refused him leave to go to Britain’s highest court.

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