Competition For Remaining Short .UK Domains Heats Up

Nominet logoThe 2640 remaining short .UK domain names are up for grabs with the Landrush application phase currently underway as companies such as Google, Yahoo, Huawei and Deutsche Telekom have applied for relevant domains.

Some examples are Google has applied for along with 18 other applicants at the current time while Deutsche Telekom has applied for along with seven other applicants.

Multinational technology companies Deutsche Telekom and Huawei Technologies are both competing along with 17 other applicants to date for

Some brands that will not have to compete for their short domains include Yahoo (, British Airways (, Virgin (, the Football Association ( and and Yo! Sushi ( These domains were allocated following the closure of the intellectual property rights validation period of the Registered Rights Sunrise phase on 31 January.

There are also some applicants who have applied for multiple domains such as Garth Piesse, Trifega Ltd, ASAP Ventures Ltd, Alan Maclachlan, International New Media Limited, Alexander MacGregor and Belgravia Capital Holdings Limited. Some of these applicants appear to have applied for a large number of the available domains.

Nominet has a Sunrise WHOIS tool shows the number of completed applications for each short domain.

Throughout the application window, registrants can apply for the short domains they are interested in via their registrars. Each application costs £10 + VAT, which is non-refundable. Any domain name for which there is only one qualifying application will be allocated on 23 June.

Domain names that receive more than one application will go to auction, and the domain name will be awarded to the applicant who places the highest bid. Any profits from the auctions will go to Nominet Trust.

More information and links to the full list of remaining .UK short domains is available from the Nominet website here.