Community research into attitudes towards use of mobile payment in Australia

[news release] Methods of paying for goods and services via a mobile phone already exist, notably when it comes to premium SMS services which are often, but not exclusively, used for purchase of digital content. More advanced forms of mobile payment are now emerging.In order to be abreast of the development curve and anticipate potential problems with emerging forms of mobile payment, the ACMA undertook this qualitative research study in order to obtain a better appreciation of the expectations of consumers and the possible need for consumer safeguards.Teenagers, young adults and older persons — including parents — participated in focus group sessions in metropolitan and regional areas of Australia, and discussed a range of scenarios for the development of mobile payment.As well as enabling the ACMA to better understand the potential benefits and problems associated with new mobile payment systems, the research also informs the ACMA in relation to the review of the Mobile Premium Services Code and contributes to the ACMA’s digital media literacy program.This ACMA news release was sourced from:

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