Commissioner hints at enforcement details as EU Parliament adopts DSA and DMA

The European Parliament adopted voted to adopt the Digital Markets Act (DMA) and Digital Services Act (DSA) with a broad majority on Tuesday (5 July). On the same day, internal market Commissioner Thierry Breton provided a ‘sneak peek’ into how the new rules will be enforced.

The Commission presented its Digital Services Package in December 2020. One and a half years later, both regulations have passed the first reading in the European Parliament, and are expected to enter into force this autumn.

The adoption has been extremely quick by Brussels standards, signalling strong political will from EU policymakers to address the regulatory gaps in the online sphere. All eyes are now turning to enforcement, as it will be the first time the Commission will directly implement internal market legislation that has, until now, been delegated to national authorities.

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EU lawmakers gave the thumbs up on Tuesday to landmark rules to rein in tech giants such as Alphabet unit Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft, but enforcement could be hampered by regulators’ limited resources.

In addition to the rules known as the Digital Markets Act (DMA), lawmakers also approved the Digital Services Act (DSA), which requires online platforms to do more to police the internet for illegal content.

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