Comcast, Pando Call for Pact on P2P Rights

Comcast and Pando Networks, a maker of peer-to-peer software, have kicked off a drive to create a “P2P Bill of Rights and Responsibilities” to help settle the conflicts between broadband providers and some P2P users.The two companies will collaborate with ISPs (Internet service providers), P2P companies, content providers and others to seek consensus on the roles of consumers and service providers, they said on Tuesday.,144680-c,internet/article.htmlComcast wants ‘bill of rights’ for file-sharers and ISPs [AP]
Comcast Corp., under federal investigation for interfering with the traffic of its Internet subscribers, said Tuesday it wants to develop a “Bill of Rights and Responsibilities” for file sharing.The announcement expands on Comcast’s new policy toward file-sharing: It said last month that rather than singling out such traffic and blocking some of it, the company will move toward a system that treats all types the same.

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