Comcast details BitTorrent ‘delay’ tactics

Responding to August’s landmark order from the FCC, Comcast has provided an extensive description of its infamous BitTorrent blocking – though it has yet to admit that blocking is the right word.According to a statement (PDF) filed Friday with the FCC, the big-name ISP began using a traffic switch from Sandvine Inc. in May 2005 in an effort to determine which protocols were causing congestion on its cable-based network. These tests pinpointed several peer-to-peer protocols – including BitTorrent, eDonkey, FastTrack, and Gnutella – and sometime in 2006, the company began using the Sandvine switch to throttle them. No complaints on new Internet management [AP]
Comcast Corp. on Friday said its new method of managing Internet traffic may sometimes result in slower Web surfing for subscribers who use their cable modem the most, yet the company has not received a single customer complaint in trial runs in five areas.The new system is set to replace the current one, which drew a sanction from the Federal Communications Commission, for all Comcast subscribers by the end of the year.

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