Comcast Adjusts Way It Manages Internet Traffic

Comcast, the country’s largest residential Internet provider, said on Thursday that it would take a more equitable approach toward managing the ever-expanding flow of Web traffic on its network.The cable company, based in Philadelphia, has been under relentless pressure from the Federal Communications Commission and public interest groups after media reports last year that it was blocking some Internet traffic of customers who used online software based on the popular peer-to-peer BitTorrent protocol. agrees with BitTorrent to modify disputed network practices [Reuters]
The U.S. cable operator Comcast said Thursday that it would change the way it managed its network and would cooperate with critics to resolve allegations that it had unreasonably interfered with some Internet file-sharing services like BitTorrent.Comcast said it had undertaken “a collaborative effort” with BitTorrent and “the broader Internet and ISP community” to work out a growing dispute over how far Internet service providers should be allowed to go in managing traffic moving over their networks. for Keeping ISPs Honest
Yesterday’s announcement of a détente between Comcast and BitTorrent was great news. Unfortunately, the general problem of ISPs doing strange things to Internet traffic without telling their customers is likely to continue in the future. EFF and many other organizations are working on software to test ISPs for unusual (mis)behavior. In this detailed post, we have a round-up of the tools that are out there right now, and others that are in development. relents on Web video
After criticism for allegedly blocking a popular software program for watching video online, Comcast Corp. pledged Thursday not to discriminate against specific technology as it tries to keep increasing amounts of data flowing through its cable networks.But the move may not be enough to keep Comcast, the country’s largest cable company, from being disciplined by federal regulators or to resolve a complicated debate about how Internet providers can manage their online traffic.,1,4991180.storyComcast/BitTorrent agreement raises questions [IDG]
Though some FCC members praise announcement, net neutrality proponents are more skeptical of the partnershipThursday’s announcement that Comcast and BitTorrent will work together to solve network management problems won praise from some quarters, including members of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, but some net neutrality advocates said the deal doesn’t diminish the need for new government rules.Comcast, the largest cable provider in the United States, announced it would work with peer-to-peer vendor BitTorrent on ways to better manage network traffic as many users trade high-bandwidth files. Comcast has come under fire for slowing some BitTorrent traffic; some consumer and digital rights groups have said Comcast’s behavior, revealed in an Associated Press investigation last October, shows the need for Congress or the FCC to approve net neutrality rules. to Stop Filtering Internet Traffic
Cable operator Comcast is reversing its controversial policy of blocking some P2P network traffic, saying it will treat all Internet use with equal priority.In a surprise move, cable operator Comcast has reversed it’s controversial policy of filtering some types of network activity — like BitTorrent and other P2P file-sharing programs — in the name of “network management.” According to a company statement, Comcast will treat all types of Internet traffic equally and adopt a new set of network and traffic management tools that don’t discriminate between different types of network traffic.

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